Another Amazon review

I just noticed this on Amazon:

This is the first book I’ve come across that explores the Buddhist concept of no-self in an entirely accessible AND rigorously intelligent way. That’s quite a feat! Bodhipaksa has beautifully interwoven his knowledge of the dharma with an obvious love and curiosity about all things scientific. The result is

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“Inside Personal Growth” interview with Bodhipaksa

A week or two back I had an interview with Greg Voisen of Inside Personal Growth, in which we discussed my book. Greg said:

I had the distinct pleasure of recently interviewing Bodhipaksa who recently published a new book through Sounds True publishing entitled “Living as a River“. In our interview together we discuss

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140-character reviews and comments

“Engaging fusion of science & spirituality w/o dumbing down the science or marginalizing the spiritual. A difficult task. Bravo!” @RapidCityPubLib

“Loved recent intreview on @BuddhistGeeks one of the best I’ve heard from this podcast. Definitely getting the book!” @rra3

“Many thanks for the great podcast. Listened on the way home from a retreat. Already downloaded

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The oddly absent self

This is an excerpt from a talk I gave at Aryaloka Buddhist Center. It uses the first flight across the continental US as an analogy for the impermanent and interconnected nature of the self.

First Amazon review is up!

The first review of Living as a River has appeared on Amazon. And it’s a good one!

I have been an avid reader of spiritual material for quite some time. I was at first intrigued by Bodhipaksa’s teaching to then be simply amazed at the hidden power of his words. Not only his style flows

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Loving and letting go

One of the wonderful things about social media, for an author, is being able to develop a closer relationship with the people who read your books. Through Facebook and Twitter I’ve heard from many people who have enjoyed my book, and who sometimes have questions. This morning someone asked me the following question.

I have

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If we’re empty of an essence, what is it that reincarnates?

A friend on Facebook just asked me the question above. Although in some ways it’s not at all related to my book because Living as a River doesn’t ever mention rebirth, in other ways it’s absolutely central. So I thought I’d copy the question and my reply from Facebook to this blog.

Here’s my reply:

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Bodhipaksa is on “Buddhist Geeks”

A few weeks ago I had a delightful time talking with Vince Horn of the Buddhist Geek podcast. Vince has now finished editing the conversation, and it’s been posted on the Buddhist Geeks blog.

Here’s a direct link to the MP3, but I’d suggest going to the site so you can comment.

This strange thing we call “the self.”

Another snippet from the talk and reading I gave at Nagaloka Buddhist Center the other night.

[Update: I originally posted the wrong video — a repeat of the previous one. This post now contains the correct footage.]

Video from the “Living as a River” book launch

On Wednesday I talked about Living as a River at Nagaloka Buddhist Center, Portland, Maine. Here’s a wee extract. The sound level’s a bit low, I’m afraid, but with your volume cranked up you should just about know what I’m saying.

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