Split brain with one half atheist and one half theist

Here’s a fascinating snippet from neurologist VS Ramachandran, talking about a split-brain patient. The patient’s right brain believed in God, but the more rational left brain was atheist.

Ramachandran points to the obvious theological problem of what, in the Christian view, happens to such a person after they die; does the right brain go

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Our iPhones, Our Selves

There’s an interesting post in the NYT today, arguing that we could think of our electronic devices as extensions of our minds.

Brains play a major role, of course. They are the locus of great plasticity and processing power, and will be the key to almost any form of cognitive success. But spare a

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Download the first chapter, free!

Yup! You can now read the first chapter free. It’s a PDF.

Download it from here…

Planetary Spirit interview with Bodhipaksa

Yesterday Jeff Ferrannini of the radio program, Planetary Spirit, which is affiliated with Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts, interviewed Bodhipaksa. The discussion was about Living as a River.

Here’s a link to stream the interview.

Or if you want to download the file for later listening, you can use this link.

Iroquois wisdom

Talking to Jeff Ferrannini of Planetary Spirit radio yesterday, I was blown away by a passage he read out, which he said was a Hopi Prophecy.

There was one part to the quotation Jeff read out which does actually seem to be Hopi (I’ll post that elsewhere). But when I researched this teaching it

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Living as a River on Geek Force Five

Recently Bodhipaksa was interviewed by E. Christopher Clark, author of All He Left Behind and the creative force behind Geek Force Five — a blog of pop culture commentary and criticism.

Chris started by asking about Living as a River and skeptical Buddhism, but then veered into a discussion of the role of mysticism

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