140-character reviews and comments

“Engaging fusion of science & spirituality w/o dumbing down the science or marginalizing the spiritual. A difficult task. Bravo!” @RapidCityPubLib

“Loved recent intreview on @BuddhistGeeks one of the best I’ve heard from this podcast. Definitely getting the book!” @rra3

“Many thanks for the great podcast. Listened on the way home from a retreat. Already downloaded the book to iPad.” @jbigay

“I’m digging Living as a River ( – #psychology and #Buddhism are two of my favorite topics” @WilliamHarryman

“from @bodhipaksa’s Living as a River ‘the science that engrosses me outside meditation lingers in my mind and mourishes my practice’ | exactly!” @ZenDirtZenDust

“@edcross I’ve been enjoying @Bodhipaksa’s book “Living as a River” | Skeptical but not as hardline as Batchelor.” @ZenDirtZenDust

“Reading @Bodhipaksa’s “Living as a River” Rarely am I so drawn to an introduction. Very similar to my outlook. Skeptical w/o rejecting.” @ZenDirtZenDust

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