Non-Duality USA reviews Living as a River

“This book is one of the best explanations of what the separate self is, what it does, and how being free of the static sense of a separate self benefits humanity, leaving us “peaceful yet engaged.” It reminds us of why awakening is not just about personal freedom, but also compassion, ethics, action, and care and concern for all sentient beings. These elements are sometimes missed in our modern attempts to translate Buddhist texts in order to “rush to a personal awakening … This book perfectly illuminates the real purpose of awakening, which is not to just talk about that river or even enter the river, but to realize we are it —fully.”

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Book introduction

Thanks to some spiffy new technology from Amazon, I can now make the introductory chapter of Living as a River available in Kindle format, right on the blog. (Kindle, in case you don’t know, is Amazon’s amazing electronic reading device).

Below, you’ll see the Kindle on the Web widget. For ease of reading, I’d suggest you switch the reader to full-screen by clicking on the icon at the top that looks a bit like a TV screen, to the left of where it says “Get Kindle Edition.” You can also adjust the font size, and even purchase the Kindle edition of the book.


Interview with New Spirit Journal

Here’s an interview I did a couple of weeks ago, talking with Krysta Gibson of New Spirit Journal, where we discuss Living as a River.

This links directly to the MP3 file, so you can either left-click and listen in your browser, or right click and download to listen in iTunes or whatever media player you use.

It was recorded on an ancient-looking land-line in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and the sound on my end is rather muffled. Sometimes it might be inaudible, but maybe that will encourage you to go out and buy my book so that you can work out what the heck I was saying…