First Amazon review is up!

The first review of Living as a River has appeared on Amazon. And it’s a good one!

I have been an avid reader of spiritual material for quite some time. I was at first intrigued by Bodhipaksa’s teaching to then be simply amazed at the hidden power of his words. Not only his style flows gracefully from one bank of the river to the other – the spiritual and the science – but I found that reading this book in itself was like a meditation session for me. Day after day, it brought me a sense of well being, relax, emotional and spiritual happiness and curiosity. It is so pleasing that I am planning to start it over again and read a little every day to help me feel better. I strongly recommend it to everyone, novices and warriors, Buddhists and what not, there are many powerful teachings in this text that will have a beneficial impact on your life. Keep flowing Bodhipaksa, the world is hungry for your words. Claudio Basso

You can buy the book from Amazon, or from many other online sources.

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